by Rehana Nurali

Vasco Freitas loved to play football and to surf so it never crossed his mind to work as a hairstylist. It all began when he was 15 surrounded by his father’s barber tools and using his friends’ hair to experiment.

Now his passion for the job combined with his talent made him the Portuguese professional in the fashion industry who apart from models has been working more internationally wise.

Vasco just finished an incredible season at the Fashion Weeks. New York, Paris, Milan, you name it, he did it all. Working for designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Versace, Valentino, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Sacai, Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta and Fenty x Puma.  Side by side with names like Luigi Murenu, Pat McGrath, Giulio Panciera and Yusef amongst so many others. Besides that he’s on the team for the Victoria’s Secret show. 


You are one of the most successful Portuguese professionals in the area, both nationally and internationally. Recently you had an outstanding season in New York, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. Tell us a bit more about that experience. 

It was very good. In every season there are new designers and the brands themselves change their marketing strategy every time so it’s really great to have the chance to be part of these projects where our job has worldwide repercussion. And as you can imagine it was an enriching experience taking into consideration that I’m constantly training and learning and committed to be on top of everything that’s new in the market so I can always be evolving.


What do you think has changed from the first day you’ve started as a hairstylist till now?

Everything really. I’m a person who’s in constant change. Every 6 months I have new projects and international challenges so I always try to be 100% prepared for it.


What inspires you the most to create?

Travelling is definitely what inspires me the most. Just getting involved with different cultures of the countries I go, whether it’s a business trip or just leisure.


Do you have a mentor or someone you really appreciate in your area?

Luigi Murenu for sure.


You already have a hair salon in Porto. Is it in your plans to open a space in Lisboa?

Yes. I hope 2018 will be the year that I make that happen but in the meanwhile for those who want to put their hair in my hands I’ll be going monthly to a hair salon in Chiado area starting next month.


What do you think should change in the national fashion scene?

Well that’s pretty easy. Instead of designers creating their own brand, the brands themselves should start having their own designers. I think this is the only way we can do something that has an international visibility.


Which international designers do you admire the most?

Each designer has its own singularities and it’s obvious that the best designers play alongside with big Houses in the Fashion Industry. As I said before, every season the brands change their designers, image and concept but despite that I always have my favorites. The designers I admire the most are Raf Simons, The House Valentino and Givenchy.


Is there anyone you would like to work with and haven’t had a chance yet?

Yes. With photographer Steven Meisel.


You´ve been working abroad for some time but do you feel that now was the time you’ve consecrated yourself?

No. I never expected to be consecrated by anything, much less by the fashion industry in Portugal where people have opinions and considerations about myself without even knowing me. Furthermore, I never did this for anyone. I always wanted the best for me and for whoever is with me. So, as for everything else I can just say “I don’t lie to myself”.


As for his prospects for the future Vasco says that most of all he would like to be worldwide the Vasco he is in Portugal. Having in consideration the great guy he is that part is going to be easy. WAM Magazine can’t predict the future but we can state that professionally the top of the world is already counting him in.