by Rehana Nurali

WAM Magazine is all about presenting the best quality in everything we do that’s why we teamed up with Embassy - Niche Perfumery to give an exclusive and unique touch to our WAM Covers. Ricardo Claudino is the person responsible for this store located in Lisbon and for bringing this new concept of niche perfumery to Portugal. WAM Magazine talked to him to know more about how this project was created and about his plans for the future. Take a look. 

Embassy - Niche Perfumery Store in Lisbon - Rua Rodrigues Sampaio 89

Embassy - Niche Perfumery Store in Lisbon - Rua Rodrigues Sampaio 89

We know that you’ve already worked as a model, nationally and internationally. So how did the transition to the world of perfumery happen?

This passion was born precisely when I was working as a model because I used to travel a lot and when I had free time one of my favorite hobbies was to visit different perfumeries from each city, especially Milan. At that time I had no deep knowledge about perfumes so the most important thing was just to try new scents and new olfactory sensations.


What distinguishes Embassy from other perfumeries in Portugal?

Embassy is a place where you can actually talk about perfumes and where the highlight are the niche perfumes, the ones that you can’t easily find elsewhere. At Embassy you’ll feel comfortable in a cozy environment but at the same time you’ll also have a selection of the most exclusive brands and projects of independent perfumers.


How do you choose the perfumes you have for sale? Do you travel to the countries where they are made?

Embassy’s portfolio was designed to contain a little bit of everything, from the delicacy of the orange blossom to the wonderful natural oud scent. Nowadays with the internet we are able to reach every brand without having to travel. However quality is the most important feature for us so we always travel to the ateliers where the perfumes are made so we can get to know more about each brand’s DNA.


Which are the main brands people can find at Embassy?

People can find really important brands in terms of niche like Heeley, Andy Tauer, Stéphane Humbert Lucas, Laurent Mazzone, Floris, Pure Distance or Hervé Gambs.


What is the minimum and maximum price of a perfume at Embassy?

As the name itself indicates, Embassy is a space open to all perfume lovers since perfume is the most affordable luxury good of all. Therefore each person will be able to find a perfume suitable for their budget.


What do you like most about your job?

What I like the most in this area of niche perfumery is the mind travelling power perfumes have. Either it’s travelling to the past because scent has this power to connect us to memories or just travel through our own imagination.


What do you like the least?

What I like the least is to feel that in a country as developed as Portugal, Portuguese people haven’t discovered yet that niche perfumery is an experience that everyone should have. One thing is certain, once a person has their first experience this becomes a one-way trip because the stories and the quality felt in niche perfumery won’t allow them to try anything else.


What are your prospects for the future?

I believe that future perfumeries will be like Embassy. Spaces with a direct and close contact with the clients, who know their preferences, which perfume is best to use at any given time and who have a deep knowledge about each perfume’s component. We are moving towards a future in which exclusivity and authenticity are increasingly important.