by Rehana Nurali

WAM Magazine went to Lisboa Fashion Week and got the chance to interview Filipe Faísca, an inescapable presence at portuguese runways. Take a look to get to know him better and to see what he has to say about “Caleidoscópio”, the last collection he presented at Lisboa Fashion Week Fall Winter 17. 

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What sparked your interest in fashion?

Fashion for me is life and it started really early, even when I was four years old I used to tell my mother how she should get dressed to go out. So for me there is something in the fabric that is closely connected with the skin, it’s more intuitive and it’s more about the feeling than about the thinking...


What inspires you to create?

I get inspiration from the world and the universe itself. It’s always inspiring to go out and to feel the energy that surrounds us. Besides that I get most of my inspiration from travelling.


In this specific collection what was your inspiration?

It was the speed with which life passes by today and having that in consideration we need to realize that there is neither time nor space. We are living a life of plurality and a mix that in fact has always been part of Lisbon since the 14th century where the trade increased. So nowadays a woman’s wardrobe has to be efficient and therefore we worked hard on this trend that is related to sports which is something that currently everyone talks about. But we worked this trend in our own way with our House’s DNA. It’s all about the details, the manufacture and handcraft. That’s why people can see a sportswear line that is well thought out and with many finishing touches.


What advice do you give to the designers who are just starting out?

The advice I give is that they should have a lot of persistence and willpower because it really takes a strong will and a true pleasure for doing this to get somewhere.


Are there any professional goals you think you haven’t reached yet?

Of course, I think I still have to reach industrialization because I’m just an atelier that makes pieces one by one.


What do you think about the current national fashion scene?

My view of the national fashion scene is wonderful, I think it’s boiling. But like I said before it’s important to be aware that fashion in its manufacturing side is a really precious thing like making furniture, watches and jewelry. It’s so meticulous that you have to be very careful with it.

                    Filipe Faísca's "Caleidoscópio" Collection - Lisboa Fashion Week Fall Winter 17

                    Filipe Faísca's "Caleidoscópio" Collection - Lisboa Fashion Week Fall Winter 17