WAM Cover nº4


WAM Cover nº4


Go Outta Space with WAM Cover nº 4!

WAM Cover nº4 - Outta Space . is an exclusive product with only 50 numbered prints per cover. SIGNED by Celso Colaço and Ana Miguel.

Get yours and experience a sense of the magnetic perfume “811 Absoluto” gently offered by Embassy – Niche Perfumery.

WAM Covers is a product that captures the essence of WAM magazine and shows the work of a great team of artists. 

But WAM Covers aren't made just for you to look at..

Touch it and you'll be amazed with its unique texture and quality. 

Inhale and you'll be astonished with the fragrancy emanating from it. 

The next level is all about giving you all these different sensations and making imagination coming to reality at its finest. 

If you want your WAM Cover delivered in a country that is not featured in our Shipping Options, please send an email to wam@wam.pt.

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