The first day of Moda Lisboa started with some fresh new faces walking for Sangue Novo – known as the platform for new designers. The young model Ana Miguel was the one who stood out at Micaela Sapinho, while Gabriela rocked at Daniela Ciolan. Rodrigo Almeida walked with confidence for Hermione Flynn and Maria Rosa with elegance at Inês Silva. Sigrid was indestructible at João Barriga and opened for Sofiya Malichenko. Inês Carvalho was the one who closed the show for M HKA and walked for Sofiya Malichenko.

Catarina Oliveira - Ana Miguel.jpg
Sangue Novo Carolina Machado - Ana Miguel.jpg
Sangue Novo Micaela Sapinho - Ana Miguel.jpg
Sangue Novo Hermione Flynn - Rodrigo Almeida.jpg

On the same day Gabriela, Maria Rosa, Ana Miguel and Rodrigo Almeida walked for Catarina Oliveira. 

At Morecco, Joaquim and Thomas were the ones who stole the spotlights.

Miguel Batista opened for Ricardo Preto Man and walked with Diogo Reis, Gabriel, Thomas, Rodrigo Almeida and Joaquim.